About Us

With FirstChoice Franchises, your personal consultant will use a proven process to guide you through a very individualized search for the right franchise as quickly and efficiently as possible…

Your FirstChoice ADVANTAGE

  • We use a proven, ten-step process to find the franchise that best fits your goals, budget and lifestyle
  • You’ll have a personal consultant and team of other professionals to assist in your search for the best franchise
  • We’ll use our vast resources to find the best franchise faster and more efficiently, saving you time, money and energy
  • Our services are completely FREE, you’ll never pay us anything

About your personal franchise consultant–Bill Rossi

Bill knows franchising, and equally important, knows what it’s like to transition from the corporate world to being your own boss. He’s done it!

  • Former franchisor, business owner, entrepreneur and a top-rated lawyer
  • Several years of franchise, consulting, business and legal experience
  • Started his first business while in high school and franchised his latest business in several states
  • Provides free, full service (non-legal) consulting to aspiring franchise owners

Experience matters when it comes to selecting a franchise professional to assist you with your franchise search. When you work with FirstChoice, not only will you form a personal relationship with experienced business man and consultant Bill Rossi, you’ll also receive the knowledge and backing of his entire franchise brokerage network. Bill and his network team have completed extensive training in franchises, legal related matters, profitability studies, industry related matters, franchisor education and much more. Every day, using its wealth of knowledge, experience and resources the FirstChoice network team helps clients avoid costly mistakes and find the best franchises.

There are thousands of franchised businesses in the marketplace today and the simple truth is, some ARE better than others. Do you know how to cut through the marketing gloss and get the true picture of which brands are growing better than others, which brands are available in your market, and which brands are the best fit for you, your budget and family?

Venturing into the unknown naturally causes fear. But fear can be overcome. One way to manage anxiety about a new venture is not to go-it-alone, but rather to have the reassurance of a trusted mentor like Bill who will carefully guide you along the meandering path of uncertainty.

Find the right franchise faster by working with Bill, a unique professional with over 30 years’ experience counselling clients on the most important matters in their lives. Contact him today and begin your journey toward building long-term wealth through franchise ownership. CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION