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The Mint Condition Master Franchise Program

The commercial cleaning industry has continued to grow to over $100 billion dollars annually, despite the recent economic downturn. Leading the recession-proof industry is Mint Condition, the 47th fastest growing franchise in America. With cleaning services largely fragmented in most areas, a Mint Condition Master Franchisee can quickly establish our blend of quality cleaning and customer service into their desired market.

Mint Condition is part of a growing 100 billion dollar commercial cleaning industry. Our master franchise model addresses important issues within our industry of low paid, poorly motivated employees who lack adequate cleaning equipment along with a proven system and lowest investment cost master opportunity in our industry.

Mint Condition’s over 30+ years of experience has created many successful entrepreneurs.

How It Works

Mint Condition provides you with the opportunity and the rights to develop and enjoy a strong, recession-resistant business in an exclusive geographic market. Our central office provides an all-inclusive training experience to teach you all the tools necessary to succeed in the commercial cleaning industry.

With a Mint Condition Master Franchise, you are granted a metropolitan area as your exclusive territory. Within your territory, you are responsible for selling commercial office cleaning contracts. You also select, provide training and service the individual franchises that in turn provide the actual cleaning services. Our unique business model eliminates the headaches of hiring and employing a large number of minimum-wage employees. Instead, cleaning contracts are entrusted to your own franchisees, each of whom has a vested interest in the satisfaction of every customer.

Basic Franchise Info

Average Investment: $137265 - $168000

Minimum Investment: $93216 - $249241

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Min. Liquidity: 150000

Years in Business: 1987

Open Units: 13 Master/365 Units

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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